Monday, April 21, 2014

Hauntings: Railroad Crossing in San Antonio

Railroad Crossing (San Antonio, Texas)

Mostly an urban legend rather than verifiable fact, the story about the Haunted Railroad Crossing by Shane Road, south of San Antonio, is well known in the area – and really creepy!

It’s said that in the 1930s, a school bus stalled on the railroad tracks.  Before they could escape, a speeding train smashed into the bus, killing the ten children and the bus driver.  Since then, if any car stops on the tracks it is pushed by unseen hands across to the safety of the other side.  People claim it’s the spirits of the children who push the cars to prevent a tragedy like their own.

Even today, cars line up at the haunted intersection to see if the legend is true.  The driver stops the car near the tracks and puts the car in neutral.  And even though it appears that the road is on an upward grade, the car begins to roll.  It rolls slowly first, then gains speed, rolling up and over the tracks to the other side.

But that's not all.  People who have sprinkled powder over their car's trunk and rear bumper before their car is pushed across the tracks have then discovered tiny fingerprints and handprints in the powder - the prints of the ghost children who push them to safety.

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