Monday, April 28, 2014

Hauntings: Xenia, Ohio

Xenia (Ohio)

Xenia, Ohio, has a population of about 25,000 people—and plenty of ghosts, too!

Blue Jacket Amphitheater. This outdoor theater is named for Shawnee Chief Blue Jacket, who fought hard defending his tribe against the white settler incursion and assaults by the army.  Members of the audience as well as actors have reported seeing the ghosts of Indians in the woods around the amphitheater.

Crybaby Bridge. There are several bridges in the vicinity of Xenia that have the misfortune attached to them and have become known as Crybaby Bridge.  One is a bridge on Wilberforce Clifton Road where a father supposedly dropped his baby into the river below. When near the bridge, people have reported seeing apparitions, hearing strange sounds, and feeling as though they were being watched.  Also, according to the locals, a fisherman at the James Barber Road Bridge pulled a baby’s skeleton out of the river, and since then, many people have reportedly heard the sound of a baby crying.

Eden Hall. One of the most historical buildings in Xenia is Eden Hall.  Strange lights sometimes glow in unused portions of the house, and doors have been known to open and close by themselves.  Child-sized footprints have appeared in the dust, and mysterious music and voices commonly wake guests.  The family members who lived there are said to haunt the place along with an ill-tempered woman who haunts the third story and likes to knock objects onto the floor.

Old Veterans Children's Home. This orphanage was in operation from 1870 – 1997, and although it’s closed now, reports of spectral children laughing and playing are common.

Spring Hill Elementary. Xenia's Spring Hill Elementary School is said to be haunted by the ghost of a teacher murdered over 100 years ago.  A pale, barely discernable figure roams the grounds, and the locals believe it’s the teacher, looking for her murderer.

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