Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hauntings: Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery (UK)

Opened in 1839, Highgate Cemetery is in North London and has 170,000 people buried in it.  Naturally, the site of so many dead bodies has spawned tales of many supernatural incidents and ghosts over the years. Here are some of them:

~ The Highgate Vampire is described as a 7-foot-tall, dark male figure, dressed in a long black coat and top hat
, with glowing, hypnotic eyes.  He appears and disappears at whim, and there have been dozens of sightings since the late 1960s, although no one's reported him sucking their blood.

~ A man whose car broke down outside the cemetery’s gates came face to face with the Ghoul.  The creature’s red eyes glared at him through the graveyard's iron gates until he ran away.

~ The floating ghost of a Nun has been reported passing over the graves.

 ~ The specter of the Old Woman races between the gravestones, her long hair whipping in the wind.  It’s said she murdered her children and dashes about, desperately searching for them.

~ One night, a local businessman was horrified when a phantom jumped over the fence and landed right in front of him.  He described it as having glowing eyes, pointed ears, and large nose.  This might have been the infamous Spring-Heeled Jack.  The first claimed sighting of Spring-heeled Jack was in 1837.  Later sightings were reported all over Great Britain, including at Highgate Cemetery.  He was known to have a frightening countenance and make inhuman leaps, which inspired his nickname.

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