Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hauntings: Moss Beach Distillery

Moss Beach Distillery (California)

The Moss Beach Distillery (Moss Beach, CA) first opened in 1927 as "Frank's Place"      a speakeasy frequented by movie stars, politicians, and gangsters.

Although the property has changed hands many times, the ghostly presence of the “Lady in Blue”persists.  Legend has it that in the 1930s, a beautiful, local housewife who loved to wear blue dresses had an affair with a piano player and often met him on a nearby beach.  Later, she was murdered on the beach, and her spirit has been glimpsed wandering the beach and the cliffs above, some say still searching for her lover.

The Lady in Blue also appears in the Distillery (now a restaurant). She's a melancholy and gentle spirit, more given to playing tricks than scaring people. Some of her more playful acts have been:

~  In the mid 80s, the Distillery’s wine storage was in a room with one door and no windows. One night, a waiter looking for wine couldn’t push the door open. After calling others to help, their combined weight managed to get the door far enough for one man to slip through the gap. He found all the wine crates in the room had been stacked up against the door. But no one could have done it and then gotten out through the door—the only exit.
~  The Lady is fond of locking and unlocking doors, turning on faucets and showers, and moving furniture around in the middle of the night. After hours, her footsteps were so often heard walking around the dining room that the owners finally carpeted the floor.
~  Children have reportedly been warned away from the edges of cliffs by a lady dressed in blue.
~  The oddest incident happened when the restaurant’s computer system began showing all dates as 1927 no matter how many times the software was re-booted or the date was changed manually. It was 1927 when the business first opened as "Frank's Place."

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