Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hauntings: Zoos

Zoo Hauntings

People usually head to the zoo to see the exotic wildlife, but in some zoos, the ghosts are watching you!  Here are five US zoos that are reportedly haunted.

A Ghostly Lioness – Cincinnati Zoo
At the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio, it's said that visitors who stroll alone in isolated areas may find themselves stalked by a ghostly lioness.  People hear the sounds of footsteps and low growls, but turn around to find nothing behind them.  Glowing eyes shine from vacant sections of the zoo.

 The Zoo Director's Ghost – Alexandria Zoo
At the Alexandria Zoo in Louisiana, it seems the zoo director loved his job so much, even death couldn't keep him away.  Leslie “Les” Whitt died in 2008, but since then, his friends and staff have heard his voice and spotted his spirit in the zoo.

Apparitions – Philadelphia Zoo
The Philadelphia Zoo is home to a number ghosts according tho staff and visitors.  The apparitions make their presence known through flickering lights, strange thumps, and the sound of old-time music.

The Ghost of the Elephant Trainer – Fort Worth Zoo
An elephant trainer was accidentally crushed to death by an elephant in 1987.  Since then, the man's been seen by staff at the elephant and zebra areas.  The zoo is also reportedly home to a ghostly woman in white, who paces in front of the zoo’s café, carrying a parasol and looking forlorn.

The Aqua Ghost – Oklahoma City Zoo
Some people claim that  in the Oklahoma City Zoo's aquatic area lurks the ghostly figure of a woman with long pale locks.  Few have seen her, but those who have find her unforgettable

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