Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hauntings: Crescent Hotel

Crescent Hotel (Eureka Springs, Arkansas)

Crescent Hotel & Spa is one of America’s most historic—and haunted—locations.  When built in 1886, it advertized "healing waters,” but when the curative waters didn’t work, people slowly stopped coming and the hotel went out of business.

In 1937, Norman Baker opened it as a cancer hospital and promised his patients they’d walk away “cancer-free.”  However, Baker was a con man and was arrested in 1939 for defrauding his patients out of approximately $4,000,000.  While no one died from Baker’s "cure” directly, the investigation showed that his bogus treatments most likely hastened their death, since they didn't seek legitimate treatment.

The hotel was completely refurbished in 2002. But the new amenities include the supernatural!

Ghosts from the Victorian era:

In the lobby a gentleman dressed in formal Victorian clothing, complete with top hat, has often been spotted at the bottom of the stairway or sitting at the bar. Described as distinguished-looking with a mustache and beard, some have tried to entice him into conversation. However, he just sits quietly and never responds, before abruptly disappearing.
In the hotel’s Crystal Dining Room, many have seen groups of 1890’s dancers in formal attire, whirling around the room. Other reports tell of a gentleman who sits at a certain a table near the windows. When approached, he says, "I saw the most beautiful woman here last night, and I am waiting for her to return."
Once during the Christmas season, the Christmas tree and all its packages were found mysteriously moved from one side of the room to the other. Additionally, all the chairs had been moved to face the transported tree. On another occasion, staff arrived in the morning to find the dining room in perfect order, with the exception of all of the menus scattered across the floor.
In the hotel kitchen, the apparition of a small boy has been seen skipping around and sometimes pots and pans come flying off their hooks.

In the 1920s, a young woman either jumped or was pushed from a balcony to her death. Today, guests report hearing her screams as she falls.

Ghosts from Baker’s Cancer Hospital:
The lingering spirit of a nurse, dressed all in white, is often seen pushing a gurney on the third floor.  Others who haven’t seen the apparition have reported the sounds of squeaks and rattles that sound like a gurney rolling down the hallway.
The apparition of Baker himself has been seen in the old Recreation Room in the basement and at the foot of the first floor stairway. Dressed in a purple shirt and white linen suit, the vision appears identical to old photographs of the infamous "doctor.”
Another remnant of the old hospital days is a ghostly figure often seen by housekeepers in Room 419. The woman introduced herself as Theodora, a cancer patient, before quickly vanishing.
The antique switchboard continued to be utilized in the 40s and continually received phone calls from the empty basement, the location of Baker’s office.

The most haunted room is 218, where the lights and television go on and off by themselves, doors open and close, and pounding can be heard from the walls.  Some people have witnessed hands coming out of the bathroom mirror and heard cries of what sounded like a man falling above the ceiling.  Other guests have been shaken during the night, and on one occasion a patron ran screaming from the room, claiming to have seen blood splattered all over its walls.

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