Wednesday, October 1, 2014

IWSG: How Far Would You Go?

So, after a long hard struggle to write, revise and get yourself published, you find your book isn't selling as well as you expected or it has received some bad--even mean--reviews.  Yes, you probably look like the girl in the picture above.  

How far would you go to improve your rates/reviews? 

Here are things I've seen people do:
  • Go on forums or FB to say you've been horribly attacked and begging everyone on there to QUICK! go and write 5-star reviews for your book.
  • Upload "different editions" of your book onto Goodreads and rate them all 5-stars yourself, and then use their "Combine Editions" function so that all your 5-star rates appear on the new-and-only listing for the book.
  • Hire a company that promises you 10-20 "favorable" reviews for your book. 
  • Have your friends/family open different email addresses to create pseudonym accounts so everyone can rate your book 5-stars from several different accounts.
A book that isn't selling or receives insulting reviews can be very depressing, but no one ever said publishing was fun.  Like any art, it's viewed subjectively and while some will love what you do, others will hate it.  

I'm not judging those who engage in the activities I've noted above.  I know everyone's just trying to muddle through the best they can.  But all those activities won't stop future bad sales or bad reviews.  Those things are part of the business.  You can't please all of the people all of the time. Even bestselling authors get vitriolic 1-star reviews.  

Instead of spending your time being miserable or trying to game the system, it's probably better to write that next book.  And then the next one. After all, you're a WRITER!

Do you think anything is going too far to improve rates/reviews?

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