Friday, March 30, 2018

Celebrate: Shopping

Pretty much every facet of my life is hard now, but that's why I need to find any kernel of good and trumpet any accomplishment, which is what we do on 'Celebrate'.

This week, I went shopping all by myself for the first time in over 9 months. Last July, I was hospitalized, and for the following 3-4 months, I was too sick to leave my bed. Then I got a bit better and hubs started driving me out and about. But he worried about me and followed me around in stores like a scared puppy. After his sudden death (on March 3), my friends just brought what I needed, or I walked to the tiny shops in our neighborhood. However, they have only very basic stuff (food & drinks), and these days I need unusual things, like notebooks, binders, folders, and pens to write notes to myself. (I have a hard time remembering things unless they're written down due memory impairment caused by arteriosclerosis).

But finally, the piles of 'to-do' notes to myself, important info (like how to get on Blogger), and the lengthy medicine schedules were all over the couch, and the chaos was working my last nerve! I needed folders to organize things. So I got in a taxi and went to the mall -- all by myself.  

Then what do I find? The biggest store in the mall that had anything you could want (clothing, shoes, hair products, stationary, notebooks, etc.) was shut down, all windows covered up, and no people anywhere around! I don't know if it's permanent or what, but dang that was a shock! Everything else at the mall is clothing stores or restaurants...

Then I remembered a place at another shopping strip and got a taxi to take me there. After getting what I needed, I had to get home. But money is running short with me these days, so I decided to walk. It's probably about one and a half miles. Not so much for a normal person, but quite a challenge for sick, chubby, out-of-shape, and rather pitiful me. :P

But I did it! I literally walked home -- through other neighborhoods, on sandy stretches beside highways where there's no sidewalk, and even squeezed past overgrown, thorny bushes that I had to disentangle from my clothes -- ouch!

The doctors tell me that exercise is important, but sit-ups/push-ups, etc. is hard and too painful (since I have chronic back & knee problems) -- but at least I finally did something! It's time for me to be brave and do difficult-but-necessary things, right? 

I'm a little bit proud of myself. ;)

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