Friday, September 13, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things: 9/13

It's Friday the 13th! Ooooh!!

Here's all the lucky (and unlucky) things I'm celebrating this week:

1)  Unluckily, I used up my quota of bad luck before the 13th this week when our water pump broke on Tuesday.
2)  Luckily, my hubby's handy and he can fix those types of things, so he hurried home from work early to do it.
3)  Unluckily, he dragged the machine up (grease, mud, dirt and all) and set about fixing it on my newly-vacuumed living room rug.
4)  Luckily, most of it was in working order so he didn't have to buy a whole new machine.
5)  Unluckily, the parts he had to replace were the biggest and most expensive.
6)  Luckily, he got the new parts and succeeded in fixing it after only one day without water.
7)  Unluckily, he decided to put the big, muddy disgusting parts that didn't work in my clean bathroom (since he's incapable of throwing anything away even if it's broken -- perhaps he thinks things will spontaneously repair themselves. Hmm. Hasn't happened yet...).
8)  Luckily, he knows dirt all over the bathroom ticks me off so he tried to clean the parts off.

9)  Unluckily, his attempts somehow went awry, and my bathroom looked like a St. Bernard had rolled in the mud and then shook himself.
10)  After I shooed hubby out of the bathroom, I cleaned the toilet, sink, tub, floor, and walls and didn't kill anyone -- LUCKY FOR HIM!

Do any of you believe in bad luck on Friday the 13th?  Has anything bad ever happened to you on that day?

This post is part of VikLit's blog hop, Celebrate the Small Things. To be part of this blog hop, all you have to do is follow the link and put your name on the Mr.Linky list, and then be sure to post every Friday about something you're grateful  for that week.  It can be about writing or family or school or general life.  This is the funnest and easiest blog hop ever! 

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