Friday, September 20, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things: 9/20

For all those interested in the publishing process, here's an approximation of my journey so far:

1) First, there's the book contract with that mind-boggling legalese. If you're lucky, an agent can lead you through the minefield -- otherwise, just close your eyes, take the plunge, and SIGN IT!

2) Someone called a Content Editor will read your cherished baby and tell you it's WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!  When negotiating what to rewrite, remember that honey catches more flies than vinegar and be as polite and flexible as you can. Don't burn bridges; you may want to work with these people again.

3) After the content changes are finished, someone called a Line Editor or Copy Editor will take on the job of fixing your grammar, punctuation, spelling, and making sure your novel maintains continuity. When Sammy has blond hair on page 11, but shows up on page 30 as Sami with brown hair, your editor has to catch it. You can end up feeling like a pretty big dummy at this stage.

4) When your line edits are done, the cover artist takes over. They'll read the blurb you prepared with your editors and choose a design they know the publishing house feels is marketable. Some houses let you have input.  Most don't. 

This is the scary part I'm in now.  I think a great cover is super important to sales.  I've seen my cover and luckily my publisher, MuseItUp, allows me to have input, so I'm making a few suggestions that the artist is trying out. 

This week I'm celebrating that I'm lucky enough to be in the publishing process at all, but let's all cross our fingers and hope my cover will come out okay and appeal to lots of buyersI have fingers, toes, and everything that's anatomically possible to cross -- crossed!!!

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