Monday, June 4, 2012

Refrigerator Time-Warp

Q: Do you know what's off about the picture above? 
A: The fridge has one door instead of two. 
Q: Do you know why? 
A: Because its "freezer" is a non-insulated box inside, with the cooling element wrapped around it. The door is plastic and folds down. You can see it here along with its drip tray:

I bet none of you have ever even used one of these dinosaurs. It's a style from before the 1950s. By the 60s, the manufacturers had figured out that if you separate the refrigerator part from the freezer part and use two doors, it will work better and the freezer element won't ice up and require defrosting. Seriously, have any of you ever had to "defrost" your refrigerators? Well, I do. I have one like this, as do many Egyptians. I have to defrost it every month or so. Yeah, it's lots of fun. :P After more than ten years, I've finally had enough! Can't take it any more. Hubby and I are buying a new one for my birthday. (Yeah, it's weird b-day present, but, hey, it's more expensive than the b-day presents I usually get, so what the heck.)

Just letting you know so you can look at your own refrigerators and appreciate them. :-)
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