Monday, June 18, 2012

Where Exactly is Egypt, Anyway?

If you're anything like me, English was your strong suit in school, not Geography. For those of you who aren't sure exactly where Egypt is, I'm posting this handy-dandy map. 

Egypt is on the continent of Africa. It's actually two pieces of land -- the main country and a tiny triangle on Egypt's upper right called the Sinai Peninsula. Between the main country and the Sinai is the Suez Canal. It was built by the French to connect the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea so ships wouldn't have to sail around the bottom of Africa. Now the canal belongs to Egypt. On the other side of the Sinai is Israel, which is considered to be on the Asian continent. Most Middle Eastern peace talks are held in the Egyptian city of Sharm-El-Sheik at the bottom of the little triangular Sinai.

I live on the eastern coast by the Red Sea, and it's just beautiful!
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