Monday, January 29, 2018

Celebrate - New Laptop

Guess what??!! Hubs bought me a new laptop for New Year's (after my trusty old laptop -- which was "only" about 10 years old -- crashed! LOL) and I'm super grateful.

However, the old laptop had all my most-visited links on it -- put into the bar below the https address line (I can't remember what you call that thing...).

Sadly, putting links onto the new laptop's bar is only half my problem. My other problem is I have trouble remembering most of the links due to my illness (arteriosclerosis).

But happily, I'm actually getting better slowly but surely. My doctors told hubs and I that I might never regain my memory/thinking abilities. However, I've always been a determined person -- a VERY determined person! -- and little by little I am improving. Yay!

My wonderful co-hosts of Celebrate the Small Things are:
L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge
Tonja Drecker @ Kidbits Blog

Katie @ TheCyborgMom

Celebrate The Small Things Linky:

Grab the Linky html-code here:

When someone comments on my blog, I always go to theirs to return a comment.  But I've been having trouble recently.  When I hit publish on some blogs, my comment doesn't appear.  Even if I try to comment using another browser (I have 4), I can't get anything to appear.  I think I'm accidentally tripping the SPAM guard. 

So please check your SPAM folder because I may be in there!  HELP get me out of SPAM!!

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