Friday, September 23, 2016

Celebrate: Keeping Up & Giveaway

Just when you think you're done, 
another chore pops up.

This week I'm celebrating:
1) I finally got all my interviews and guest posts written.  Yay!  Just as I sent the last one off this morning, my publisher forwarded a new interview request to me.  *sigh*  But that's OK. I'm getting pretty good at them now!
2) Things are going better than last week -- I'm up to date with my chores, my to-do list, and all book launch responsibilities.  "Houston, we are go for launch!"
3) I'm looking forward to a few days of rest after my "rocket ship" takes off on October 4th.  
4) Maybe I'll treat myself to a cake or go out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Hmm...what sounds good?

If you launched a book, would you do anything special to celebrate?

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Foxy's Friday Freebies!

Foxy has been nosing around the net
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For Foxy's other Freebies, go to the Freebie page.

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Kate Larkindale said...

I'd totally celebrate! Champagne and a nice meal out. With cake of course...

L.G. Keltner said...

Congratulations on getting so many things done! I hope the book launch on October 4th is going to be super successful!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

I have used Insta Freebies through authors who offered free books via that service. It can get a bit cumbersome signing up for multiple newsletters and so on but still a decent site. Congrats on getting ready for your latest book release Lexa. Have cake then go out. Splurge for one night. Glad you're up date and feeling so super. When I finally launch my first book next year I want to get one of those cakes made that shows the cover. It's a novella series so I'll pick the first two book covers. Enjoy your weekend.

Suzanne Furness said...

Oh yeah you definitely got to celebrate! Cake, champagne, Mexican food . . .
Congrats and well done on nearing the launch date and getting everything done. Those little kitties made me smile . . . don't we just know that feeling!

T.F. Walsh said...

Yes.. you definitely need to celebrate. Super excited for your launch and it's already happening so soon. Woohoo.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Go out to that restaurant and have cake - you're going to need both!

messymimi said...

Being caught up is one of the best feelings in the world sometimes. Enjoy!

Rhonda Albom said...

That video is the cutest thing I have seen in years. As for my book, due to bad planning, I was on a plane - long haul the day it launched. I missed any celebration. Congrats to you. And good Mexican food would be awesome.

JeffO said...

That gif is a perfect illustration of the futility of herding cats.

Sounds like you've got things well in hand--good for you! How would I celebrate? I don't know, but I hope to find out!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

We usually celebrate by going out to eat.

I'll see if I can find another interview for you.

Cathrina Constantine said...

Thanks for the morning chuckle, Lexa!!!

For my very first book launch, I had a big party at the house. Invited friends and family. I was so excited. You definitely deserve a cake and dinner at a Mexican restaurant!

Wishing you great success!!!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I love the video. We watched the same thing on our backyard playground a few years ago when Bucks, our resident feral had a litter. Watching them go up and down the slide was so funny.

It sounds like all things are coming together for you. I wish you much success with your new book.

Tamara Narayan said...

Awww, and awwww, and awwwww. Love the little kittens, and yes, that is my life. I think becoming a mom means resigning yourself to a never-ending to-do list. Maybe becoming a writer a well. So a writer-mom is completely doomed.

I'd celebrate the launch. Mexican food sounds great. I wish we had a good Mexican restaurant nearby.

H.R. Sinclair, Southpaw said...

Mexican restaurant followed by cake! Yes, celebration is a necessary part of the process. :)

Bish Denham said...

Congratulations on getting all your "chores" done and being ready for the big launch! Our books are fledging at the same time. October will be a busy month! Have fun.

I think I'll wait to celebrate until after it's all over and then maybe indulge in wine and chocolate. :)

The Cynical Sailor said...

I love that cat video. Reminds me of a cat I had as a child whose kittens would constantly get out of their box and she would constantly put them back in the box.

I'd have Mexican and cake! Congrats on all of your progress and getting ready for the launch.

Rachel Pattinson said...

That cat video is adorable! Congrats on getting your chores done! It all sounds very exciting :). Mexican food and cake sounds amaazzing!! When I finished my first novel, I baked a four tier rainbow cake to celebrate, and on the day it came out, I went out for afternoon tea with my friend to celebrate :). Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you got so many things done, Lexa! Yay for that! Glad you got your interviews and guest posts out of the way. Since I just had my first author interview last week on lilicasplace, hopefully you'll do me the honor of doing one with me, too (when you have the time, of course).

I'm definitely going to check out Instafreebie. Sounds like a good site. Thanks for keeping CTST going! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Love the video! Congrats on getting caught up! Wish I could say that. You definitely should celebrate. I usually go to Ihop. I love any excuse to go there. A few months back, they had cupcake pancakes with real cake frosting and sprinkles. Perfect for the occasion and perfectly sublime. :)

Sue Bursztynski said...

Depends where you're having it. I've done a few. The first was for family and friends, so I had it at home. The book was "Monsters And Creatures Of The Night", so the music was spooky. The decorations were on-theme. Really, it was just a party, and a friend set up some flashing lights on my balcony to be seen by arriving guests, The second was arranged by a teacher-librarian friend, who gave me some ideas. It was for my book on space flight. We got a few freebies from my publishers, whose rep arrived to join in. The librarian had been running space-themed trivia quizzes for the kids and the four finalists competed in my presence. Of course, we gave them all signed copies of the book, but the winner had his photo taken with me and we called in the local press. The publisher gave us a little money towards sweets and nibbles for the kids after the launch. After this, I had some ideas of how to do a launch in my own library, and did some with writer friends to launch them. And I got one official one by Sisters in Crime, for my children's history of crime. That was at a pub, where they meet monthly.

Stephen Hayes said...

If I launched a book I'd celebrate by popping the cork on a bottle of champagne I've had for twenty years.9

Kim Lajevardi said...

So excited for the release. It seems the consensus is dinner out AND cake. 😉

Cathy Kennedy said...

Lexa, YAY for you! You deserve to treat yourself for the launch of your book. Mexican food sounds great to me! That's one of my favorites, too. I guess, if I ever had a book launching then I'd find some way to celebrate the occasion. :) The mama cat helping her little kitty is cute. I may have to borrow this one, too. Have a good weekend!

Birgit said...

You've got a lot going on and congrats! I think that deserves dinner out and a piece of cake...or maybe 2.

Julia Thorley said...

Good luck with the launch. If it were me, I'd celebrate with bottle of something fizzy, then have a quiet weekend away where I could catch up on my sleep. I'm so rock 'n' roll.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Congratulations and good luck with the launch. I would totally celebrate my launch. Thanks for telling us about Instafreebie, I hadn't heard of it!

Laura Clipson said...

Definitely the cake, I have a huge sweet tooth! Good luck with your launch :)

Patricia said...

If I had my chores and to-do list anywhere done I would celebrate. If I launched a book I would... well,I would probably die from the shock. Since you survive writing and publishing your books you should do whatever you darn well please!

Love the mama cat and her kits!
And thanks for the heads up on the Freebie site.

T. Drecker said...

Celebrate!!! That's a clear yes!

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Poor Mama Cat. She has her hands, umm, paws full. They are adorable.
Congratulations on being caught up on everything. What a wonderful feeling. Have fun with your book launch.

Deanie Humphrys-Dunne said...

You have great news on book interviews this time Lexa. Congratulations! and you have celebrations planned, good job. Hope you have lots of fun. Happy weekend.

Olivia Rose said...

Congratulations on getting so many interviews and posts done! I just found instafreebie today!

DMS said...

Yay! I am so excited for you! I hope that you are getting to enjoy the build up, but I know it is hard when you are busy trying to get all the ends tied up. Glad you are getting all the guest posts and interviews done. Wishing you all the best! I will be celebrating with you. :)

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Congratulations, Lexa. You're inspiring. I will put it in gear and catch up soon. As for the mother cat, I feel like that most days. deep breath. Thanks for the smile.

Anne Doucette said...

Or ... Mexican and cake! Congrats and good luck with the interview! Thanks for the tip about that site. Bookmarking that bad boy now!

Anne from

Michelle Wallace said...

Congrats! Sounds like you're on track with your pre-launch plans.
Instafreebie sounds like a great site!

S.A. Larsenッ said...

Wow, if there's one thing I'm learning is that writing all those guest posts and interview answers is massively time consuming. A total blast, though. Glad to hear you have such a positive attitude. Congrats on all the progress!

Julie Flanders said...

Congrats on being all caught up! I hope you treated yourself to both a cake and a dinner out.
Love that poor mother cat trying to keep track of those kittens LOL.

Annie Neugebauer said...

One more? What a fantastic problem to have! :) That video of the mama cat is so freaking cute I can't stand it. Have fun with all your launch stuff, Lexa. Best of luck!

cleemckenzie said...

Aren't moms the greatest? They haul you out of all kinds of trouble. Glad your posts are ready. Very excited for you and your book!

Ms Rix said...

Love the video! Envious of your organisational skills 😊

J.H. Moncrieff said...

Other than go out for dinner, I can never think of anything unusual to do for a launch or anything else.

Congrats on your launch!

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I don't think I've ever celebrated a launch. I think I'm always a bit exhausted by the time I hit go time.

Be sure to send me some post stuff, I'd be more than happy to give you a shout out. And if you forget, no worries...I'll just steal what I want from the web to announce the new book arrival.

Crystal Collier said...

I really like instafreebie. Such a great resource.

Don't you hate that? You're totally done and then something else slips under the door? I started into that stage about three weeks ago and won't breathe until Thanksgiving. How did I not know about your new release until now? I'm so stoked for you! Can't wait to see it!

Diane Weidenbenner said...

I missed last week but posted a fun blog this week, highlighting our visit to three rescue elephants in Indiana! So, although the visit was a "small thing", my appreciate of elephants is a big thing. Enjoy!

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