Wednesday, June 1, 2016

IWSG: The Easy Way to Get Re-Tweets

Are your Twitter tweets falling into a black hole? Or do you get 1 or 2 re-tweets and that's it? 

You can help boost your re-tweets easily!

It took me a long time to get on Twitter. I didn't understand the point of trying to squish your thoughts into 140 characters. Facebook was so much easier.

But I finally joined about year ago, and I've met a lot of new people in my genre, seen great cover and advertising ideas, gotten links to excellent writing articles, and I've reached 14.6k followers. 

Every week, I pin a tweet to the top of my feed that gets about 200 RTs (re-tweets) during the week before I change to a new one for the next week. Some people keep their pinned tweet there for months and get 3000 RTs.

Here's the simplest and easiest way to get RTs: Use Hashtags

There are 'bots that scan the feed and RT anything with the hashtag they've been programmed to, like #horror. There are also people who want to be helpful or connect with new people who'll put a hashtag in their search box, go to the results and just RT everything that comes up.

The best hashtags for writers are:
Your genre (#thriller, #SciFi, #romance, #PNR, #Comedy, etc.)

At @ tags work well too if you are tweeting a link to someone's book or blog. Any tweet with someone's Twitter handle in it (like @LXCain) will show up on their notifications, and then they can RT it too. 

For instance, this tweet will get lost in the slush: 
Tarantulas Loose on Plane! Go see Kim Lajevardi's surprising news stories here:

Kim will never even know I plugged her page.

This tweet is better:
Tarantula #Horror on Plane! Surprising news stories from @KimLajevardi #amwriting #amediting

Now, because I put her handle with the @ sign, she'll be notified I mentioned her, and can see the tweet and RT it. And the hashtag people can now find this and they'll RT it too.

So if you want your tweets to be seen by more people and get RTs, use hashtags and use the Twitter handle @ for the person you're tweeting about!

And don't forget to put your Twitter handle near the top of your blog so all your blogging buddies can follow you!

(Next month, I'll be writing about how to increase your Twitter following and grow steadfast re-tweeters!)

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