Tuesday, February 2, 2016

IWSG: Cover Fear

"Don't judge a book by its cover."  But in the book business, that quote is totally wrong.

Nothing is more important in grabbing a reader's attention than a powerful, flashy, or gorgeous cover.  It's the first thing they see, before they read the blurb, and long before they may choose to sample the first pages.

That cover bears 75% of the responsibility of selling a book (unless the author has name recognition and a big following). 

I'd decided to hire someone to do the cover of my upcoming book.  But the designer friend that I trusted with my life -- I mean my book's life -- found herself overwhelmed with new job, new city, new life and doesn't have time to do it.  She gave me other names and I've looked at a bunch of cover sites but haven't found anything I loved... at least not enough to spend $200-400 on (which equals my monthly expenses in Egyptian money).  If someone told you that you'd have to spend a month's salary on a book cover, you'd think twice too.

So I'm coming up with some covers myself -- and I'd love to get my awesome and artistic blog followers (and maybe some FB and Twitter peeps) to help me choose one of them. 

Here's my problem -

How to set up the "Pick A Cover" post?

Do I just put them on a regular post along with my Celebrate hop and book giveaways?

Or do I make a separate page for them ('coz -- *blush* -- there are gonna be about 10 of them) and have my blog visitors click through to a page devoted to only the covers?  Or would that just confuse people?

What about the voting? Should I download a "Poll" app so people can click a number and officially vote (which would be anonymous)?   Or should I just ask people to put the "winning" number and opinions in the post comments?  Would people read others' comments and change their minds?

This is sooooooooo important to me, so any advice on how to run a "Pick the Cover" poll and get a good number of voters while not annoying anyone would be great.  :)

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