Wednesday, May 6, 2015

IWSG: Unfriended

Do you get "unfriended" on Facebook? Does your FB Author page lose "Likes"?  Does your blog or Twitter account lose followers?  

Does it make you insecure and wondering, "What the heck happened?" 

I joined a big "Add Friend" post in a Horror group on FB recently.  Every day I got notices of new people from the group accepting my requests or got asked to confirm their friend requests.  It was cool, and I got about 100 new followers. Yay! But one evening I happened to be online and saw a "1" pop up on my "Friend" icon.  In the time it took me to click it and hit the "Confirm" button, I got the message: "This Friend Request has been Withdrawn." 



Well, one wasn't such a big deal...

But on Twitter, I'm new and I've been scrounging for follows. One day, I was really surprised to see my follows drop by 15 while I was adding people!  It could have been just the sneaky type who follow and then as soon as you follow-back, they un-follow.  But it wasn't.

I found that Twitter doesn't automatically email you with every person who follows you, so you can follow-back.  They alert you to about three quarters of them.  

If you hit your "Followers" list, I bet you'll find out what I did.  That there are a bunch of people following you that you didn't even know about!  And if you don't follow them back after a week or so, of course some of them will un-follow.

So check your "Followers" list! 

And don't worry about losing a few friends or follows here and there.  There are a lot more fish in the sea! 

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