Wednesday, July 2, 2014

IWSG: Time. Friend or Foe?

We measure it precisely.
We think about it constantly.  
We save it enthusiastically.
We run from it, curse at it, 
and wish we could beat it into submission,
but Time is immortal.

I bet all of us wish we were further along with a project than we are.  Many of us say, "If only I had more time, more hours in the day..."  

Yes, time seems to be the enemy.  How dare it fly by so quickly when we have so much to do??

But time isn't always against us.  How often have you had something good happen unexpectedly because you were in the right place at the right time?  Like when someone just happened to pop up when you were online, and then became a treasured friend.  Or just when you suffered enough and were about to quit, a great opportunity suddenly came along.  Or when you didn't get the chance to do something important---and were so mad---but later came up with a much better idea of how to handle it.  Personally, I got an agent because I accidentally queried her just when she opened her agency and wanted clients. 

So next time you're wringing your hands and cursing time, remember that timing can work just as much for you as against you.  Time isn't the enemy  So try not to stress about it so much!   When the time's right, it'll happen.  :)

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