Friday, June 27, 2014

Celebrate The Wagon and the Road.

I fell off the Revision Wagon.  I was forging along, but as I started my 6th day of revising the same 2000 words -- and didn't like them any more than I did 6 days ago -- I was getting kinda bummed.  

Then "The Color Purple" came on TV, so yeah, I watched it.  (And cried my eyes out -- dang that's a great movie!)  Plus, I did my IWSG post for next week.  

Then, I girded my loins, went back to revising the chapter, and changed its first paragraph for the 100th time...  

But a little later, "Saving Private Ryan" came on.  I didn't mean to watch it, but it sucked me in. *cue more crying*  (When Tom Hanks does the monologue when he admits to being a teacher and says that every time he kills someone, he feels further away from home ... Wow! That's writing!)

(I didn't realize both those movies were produced and directed by Steven Spielberg.  Oh, for a smidgen of his talent...)

So I got almost nothing done today, but I'm OK with it.  Sometimes, you need to get off the wagon and walk the road.

This week I'm celebrating enjoying walking the road for a while. Time enough to climb back on the wagon for more revising over the weekend.  :)

When you fall off the Revision Wagon, do you get angry with yourself?  Or do you just chill out and enjoy walking on the road for a while?

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