Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dream Destination Winners & Country Tallies

I had the best time going to all the blogs on the hop!  Everyone picked awesome places and shared great stories and photos.  It seems many of us want to see a castle, visit one, stay in one, or have one for our very own (me, me, me!!).  And some of you picked the same place and are kindred spirits.

Here are the tallies!
(for those who chose more than one place, I took the first one mentioned)

Winner -- The United States
US (Alaska) - Magaly Guerrero
US (Alaska) - Yolanda Renee
US (Boston/Red Sox 2013 World Series win) - L.D. Masterson
US (Famous horror sites) - Emma Yardis
US (Genealogy in Eastern US) - Beverly Stowe McClure
US (Las Vegas) - Rhissanna (with lots of fabulous castle pictures!)
US (National landmarks) - M.J. Joachim
US (San Luis Obispo, San Franciso, & Illinois white squirrels!) - Julie Kemp Pick
US (Western US) - Julie Flanders

(5) Scotland - Beverly Fox (& Ireland),  Bish DenhamEmilyann GirdnerNarrator,  Lexa Cain

(4) Italy - Cecilia Robert (Venice),  Enchantress (Rome),  Madeline Mora-SummonteNicki Elson (Venice)

(3) Canada - Tyrean MartinsonKim GraffKittie Howard
(3) France - EllaMichelle Wallace (& Greece),  Suzi (& Castles in Germany, Scotland, Spain)
(3) Japan - Kestril TrueseekerLoni TownsendVanessa's Traveling Cats (Kyushu)
(3) New Zealand - Alex CavanaughNutschellPK Hrezo

(2) Australia - DaniMaynard Morrissey (& Oregon, California, Colorado, UK)
(2) Egypt - J.L. CampbellKate Larkindale
(2) Greece - Ashley NixonSamantha Redstreake Geary (Samothrace)
(2) Norway - L.G. SmithTania Walsh
(2) Peru - Jeremy Bates (Machu Picchu),  Shannon Lawrence
(2) UK - Chemist KenChristine Rains 

The Unique Picks:
A cozy cabin in the snow - Linda King
A galaxy far, far away - C.Lee McKenzie
Anywhere with a loved one to travel with - Susan Flett Swiderski
Amsterdam, Holland - Kim Van Sickler
Aruba - Hilary Grossman
Austria (Vienna) - Alexis Lantgen
Blogging friends - Ms Misantropia
Bora Bora - Sherry Ellis
Cayman Islands - Debra McKellan
Croatia - Kim Lajevardi
Dominica Island - SB Stewart-Laing
Fantasy Island - Robyn Alana Engel  (Her post was so funny!)
Formentera - Vanessa Morgan 
Iran - Carrie-Anne Brownian
Jordan (Petra) - Rhonda Albom
Maldives - Medeia Sharif
Namibia - T.B. Markinson
North Korea - Royme2
Phuket, Thailand - Shah Wharton 
Sumer and Mesopotamia - Mary Pax (& Iraq, NYC, Hawaii, space plane)
Tibet - Sydney Aaliyah

Julie and I wanted to give EVERYONE this award,  but we had to choose.
Winner: Nutschell (New Zealand)

Runner-up: Magaly Guerrero (US -Alaska)

Both of you will receive ebooks of:
The Ghosts of Aquinnah and Soul Cutter

Before I get to the winners,  I have to give a shout out to Julie Flanders.  I couldn't have done this hop without her.  She's such a kind and generous person -- truly a beautiful soul.  


Soul Cutter (ebook) by Lexa Cain  --  Crystal Hicken Collier
The Ghosts of Aquinnah (ebook) by Julie Flanders  --  Sheri Larsen
5-page Critique from agent Michelle Johnson  --  Christine Rains
Query Critique from agent Michelle Johnson  --  Magaly Guerrero
5-page Critique from C. Lee McKenzie  --  Michael Di Gesu
An ebook Bundle from Ink Smith Publishing  --  C.Lee McKenzie
Champion in the Darkness (ebook) by Tyrean Martinson  --  Susan Flett Swiderski
The 13th Floor Complete Collection (ebook) by Christine Rains  --  Kim Graff
Drowned Sorrow (ebook) by Vanessa Morgan  --  Beverly Fox
Winner's Choice of an ebook by M. Pax  --  Cathy Keaton
BESTEST. RAMADAN. EVER. (Kindle ebook) by Medeia Shariff  --  Suzi
Winner's Choice of Three Daves, Divine Temptation or Hans & Greta (ebook) by Nicki Elson  --  Tania Miclau
The People We Used To Be (Kindle ebook) by Madeline Mora-Summonte  --  Beverly Stowe McClure
Marionette (Kindle ebook) by T.B. Markinson  --  Samantha Geary Jones
2 ebooks 
Memories of Murder/Murder, Madness and Love by Yolanda Renee  --  Shah Wharton
2 ebooks Memories of Murder/Murder, Madness and Love by Yolanda Renee  --  Alex Cavanaugh
Dangled Carat (Kindle ebook) by Hilary Grossman  --  Diane Burton
AlmaMia Cienfuegos and Other Stories (ebook) by Magaly Guerrero  --  Hilary Grossman

** Julie and I are informing the donors
and they will contact the winners directly **
If a winner doesn't hear anything for a week,  
please contact Julie or me.


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