Friday, October 11, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things: No Reception

I've had a real hard time getting on the net this week, even though I have TWO subscriptions to my local internet server.  All accounts have a download limit of 2 Giga per month (which I go through in a week).  So then my service speed drops to the minimum, usually 70 kbps, but this week it's dropped to 30 kbps.  Ack!!  It takes forever to open pages and sites -- if they open at all.  (Facebook is persnickety and rarely opens when the speed is this low.)

I might as well be trying to access the internet 
with these handy dandy antennae:

And maybe the blue wig would help too...

This week I'm celebrating when sites and blogs actually download -- Yippie!!! -- and let me comment to and communicate with my web buddies.  I love you guys and love reading your blogs. You always make me smile or applaud you accomplishments.  I may be slow in responding this week, but it's not for lack of trying -- I'll get there eventually.

What do you do if you don't have internet access? Read a book, watch TV, or cry on your keyboard?

This post is part of VikLit's blog hop, Celebrate the Small Things. To be part of this blog hop, all you have to do is follow the link and put your name on the Mr.Linky list, and then be sure to post every Friday about something you're grateful  for that week.  It can be about writing or family or school or general life.  This is the funnest and easiest blog hop ever! 
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