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King Tut

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Facts you didn't know about King Tut (Tutankhamun).

Tutankhamun mask from de.wikipedia
King Tut is so famous because his tomb was one of the few found with all its treasures intact.  

Pyramids held other Pharaohs' tombs, but when you build a giant pyramid, it's like putting up a big sign saying, "Graverobbers -- Here's the treasure!"  All their tombs were looted, but Tut's tomb was hidden in the Valley of the Kings.

Two of Tut's gold sarcophagi, from Wiki - Nerve Net
The "Boy-King" was only 10 when he ascended the throne of Egypt and 19 when he died in 1323 B.C.  It's believed that infection from a broken leg or malaria killed him. 

Tut was buried in three coffins nested inside each other.  The outer two were plated in gold, but the innermost sarcophagus was solid gold.  The sarcophagi are on display in the Cairo Museum while the mummy is in a glass, temperature-controlled case in his original tomb at the Valley of the Kings, Luxor.

King Tut and his wife, from Wiki - Pataki Marta
Tut's parents were brother and sister, and he was born with a club foot and cleft palate.  He married his half sister, and she gave birth to two girls, both stillborn.

How did I do? Were you surprised by some of the facts here? 

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