Wednesday, April 3, 2013

IWSG: Bravery

I started querying in Aug '12 and requests came in from August through November.  A bunch of them!   That was good ... but now it's April and more than half of those who received fulls or partials haven't gotten back to me.  

So ... do I nudge?

Isn't nudging an agent rather like poking a bear with a stick?  They can't be happy about getting poked.  Do you really want to take a chance on annoying the person who holds your future in their hands?

And technically, a request that's still out isn't a rejection -- there's still hope, and that hope helps me sleep at night.

I'll never know if it's a "yes" 
--or perhaps a lost submission--
unless I ask...

 But it's SCARY!!

How many months would you wait before you'd poke the bear?

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