Friday, January 13, 2017

Celebrate: Where Did Winter Go? & Giveaways

Temperatures hit 70 in Egypt this week! I was walking around without a jacket or scarf today. In fact, so far the winter, where temps usually fluctuate between 45 and 60, has been unusually mild. 

I'm not complaining exactly, only I'm worried that the high temps now do not bode well for the summer where temps normally average 90-105. What if they go higher this year? Nooooo --- I'm a chubby chicken that broils easily in the hot sun!

Have the temps been unseasonably warm where you live? 

Celebrate's own Tanya Miranda has released 
a new book!

       Finding romance gets harder after so many years together, but Isabel and Leo make it work. 
       This collection of short stories takes a peek into their lives as a competitive couple continually outwitting one another, as parents to two children who are too wise for their young ages, and as grownups who shoot foam dart guns like military snipers while attempting to act like responsible adults. 
       Between sassy kids and demanding careers, heartbreaks and frustrations, a quick kiss or a love tap are sometimes the only intimacy they can get. And when the moment comes, they jump all over it. 
       These are their stories.


Tanya Miranda runs 5Ks, writes, and creates line art when the weather keeps her indoors. She loves reading and writing about real life love stories, tales of heart ache, and every other type of emotional journey life offers. Her kids bring her loads of joy and tons of material for her writing. If only they would stop growing up...

To find out more about the author's writing, visit her at:


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Foxy's Friday Freebies!

Foxy has been nosing around the net
When she finds great FREE STUFF, she'll feature it on Friday Freebies posts -
  • Free short stories, novellas, and novels
  • Giveaways for books and swag
  • Free services for authors

Here are Foxy's suggestions for , 2017:

Free Signed Fantasy Novel, Bookmark, Poster, and Temporary Tattoo – Win Impyrium by Henry Neff, about a ruling family dynasty that’s losing its power, the youngest granddaughter whose magic is the only thing that can save it, and the spy sent to destroy the dynasty at all costs. Enter via rafflecopter on YA Books Central blog. (US only; ends Jan 16)

Free Signed Fantasy/SciFi Novel – Win Windwitch by Susan Dennard, about a galaxy king betrayed by his sister and shipwrecked on a brutal planet. To help its oppressed people, the incognito ruler must embark on a dangerous mission. Enter via rafflecopter on the YA Books Central blog. (US only; ends Jan 19)

Free $25 Amazon Gift Card – To celebrate the release of Sweet Southern Hearts (Contemporary Romance) by Susan Schild, about a woman marrying for the third time who finds her new step-child and her on mother present stumbling blocks to her happiness, the author is giving away a $25 Amazon card via rafflecopter on the Romance Novel Giveaways blog. (ends Jan 22)

Free $50 Amazon Gift Card and Signed Organized Crime/Romance Novel – Win The Unfortunates Book 1 by Skyla Madi. Anyone entering the giveaway will be signed up for Skyla Madi’s newsletter and receive a free copy of Blood and Rust, plus will be signed up for the Romance Devoured VIP newsletter and receive free books and special offers. Enter via question and entry form on the Romance Devoured blog. (ends Feb 9)

For Foxy's other Freebies, go to the Freebie page.

If anyone has a FREE short story (for download or online at a free ezine), novella, novel, special giveaway, or author service, please let Foxy know so she can plug you here!  Write to: laura.6eg(at)
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