Friday, July 15, 2016

Celebrate: Fixing Things & Giveaways

In the US, when we turn on a tap, water spurts out with plenty of pressure.  I never really questioned how that happened, but I guess we have water pumping stations that keep the pressure up.  

In Egypt, it's not so simple. Instead, every home, restaurant, and apartment has a huge water tank and a water pump engine, especially important when the apartment is far above the water tank. 

And I hear you asking, "What is that weird blue globe thing on top of the engine in the picture?" At least that's what I wondered when I first saw one. 

Inside the blue globe is a plastic balloon, just like a birthday balloon, but of much stronger plastic.  The 1-horsepower engine sucks water from the tank and fills the balloon, expanding it until it fills the metal globe and can expand no farther. Then the "automatic" turns off the engine and the strong elastic balloon shrinks, pushing the water up to an apartment and keeping the water pressure steady.

OK.  Now that you know way more than you wanted to know about how I get my water, I'll go on with my story...

You know how when you have an old car and first one thing breaks, then another thing, and suddenly it's one thing after another like all the parts of your car have the same expire date?  Well, the same thing happens to water pumps.

-- A month ago the elastic balloon broke. A plumber opened up the globe and replaced the balloon.
-- Then the "automatic" broke. It was replaced.
-- Then some kind of ball-bearing thing broke (don't you love how technically knowledgeable I am?). We got a plumber in to fix it while congratulating ourselves that we didn't have to buy a new engine.
-- Then we noticed a lot of air in the pipes, and spitting and sputtering.  Uh-oh.  One of the seals on the engine had broken and was slowly leaking our tank's 3 tons of water out and turning the dirt floor of the building's basement into mud!  Ack!  It took us a while to get a plumber 'cause of a holiday (doesn't everything break on a holiday?), but eventually we got one.

Everything's fixed!

(Until something new breaks.)

Now you can all feel very grateful for the luxury of just turning on your tap.

You're welcome.

Have you had a car or appliance that just kept breaking down?

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Foxy's Friday Freebies!

Foxy has been nosing around the net
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Here are Foxy's suggestions for July 15, 2016:

Free for Download Fantasy Novella – Download Blood Song by Robert Mullin (a prequel to his novel Bid the Gods Arise), about a girl whose pickpocketing lands her in a slave auction and sold to an arena-fighting group. Will she stay a servant or become a fighter? 
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Free 2 SciFi/Fantasy eBooks, 1 MG Fantasy eBook + Swag  – Tara Tyler is giving away 3 great books:  Pop Travel, Simulation, and Broken Branch Falls and some swag too! Enter via rafflecopter on the Tara Tyler Talks blog. (ends Aug 1st)

Free Online Serial Novella – Read Libby Heily’s free serialized novella Our Beloved Dictator, which will be posted in short chapters every Monday over a 25-week period. “George is pulled over for speeding on I-95 in Virginia. Instead of a ticket, he is sentenced to 6 months of mandatory citizenship in Greenville-a small town run by a dictator. The government isn’t the only surprise George finds. Greenville is the place where reality meets abnormality.” The first chapter is up and will be followed by more HERE.

Free $15 Amazon Gift Card – To celebrate the release of Tainted (Paranormal Romance) by Ginna Moran, about a girl chased by a demon that wants her soul and protected by an ex-demon hunter who’s determined she won’t meet the same deadly fate as her parents, the author is giving away a $15 Amazon card via rafflecopter on the Mythical Book blog. (ends Aug 10)

Free $20 Amazon Gift Card – To celebrate the release of Roman Rescue (New Adult Romance) by Michelle Gilliam, about a girl who leaves college and goes to Italy to fix her military officer brother’s life never expecting his best friend, a Marine Sergeant, to be so determined to insert himself into her life, the author is giving away a $20 Amazon card via rafflecopter on the Mythical Book blog. (ends July 20)

For Foxy's other Freebies, go to the Freebie page.

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