Wednesday, January 6, 2016

IWSG: Under Construction

This is sort of what my kitchen and bathroom look like, only with chunks of cement on the floor and countertops, and cement and plaster dust covering every single surface in a thick layer of grit.  And in addition to replacing the ceilings in the kitchen and bath (which were damaged when the pipes in the apt above us leaked), my husband decided to have two windows replaced in the living room and the spare bedroom. So lots of broken concrete in there too.  The master bedroom is the only oasis of sanity atm, and I'm locked in here with my laptop while hubby rides herd on the workmen.  Yup, just me and the slop bucket.  (Well, the bathroom is off limits... TMI?)

You'd think I'd be using this opportunity to get some writing done.  But no, I'm going in circles between social media, doing crits, and reading books/novellas for review.  And when the workmen leave at night, I try to clean up, even though I know it'll all get messed up again the next day.

This is the 1st week in January!!  By now I was supposed to be done revising BLOODWALKER and have started my new novella set in Alaska, called COLDEST NIGHT. 

But it's just not happening. 

I have no real excuse.  I enjoy doing things for others -- otherwise I wouldn't keep volunteering -- and if I time-managed a bit better, I could find a way to get some writing done.  Truth is I just let myself get "dissuaded" from writing way too easily.

Does this ever happen to you?

What do you do when you can get Butt-In-Chair, but do everything except write when your butt's there?

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