Friday, December 18, 2015

Celebrate: Wickedly They Come, Cooking Fail & Giveaways!

I wish I could say my adventure with my new meat grinder went well.  Sadly, it was more like a tragic-comedy of errors.

1)  The grinder didn't have a block to push down the chicken meat in the top, so I used a juice glass. The grinder didn't fasten tightly enough to the granite countertop, so while I grinded with one hand, the other had to hold the front so it wouldn't wiggle and keep one finger on the glass so it wouldn't fall.
2)  I had 4 kilos of chicken and after grinding for 45 minutes I still had 2 kilos left! The stupid chicken refused to go through the holes and out the other end! I tried poking the holes with a toothpick to no avail.
3)  I figured it was just hard, so I put more effort in... Grinding, grinding, grinding!
4) Finally, I lost my hold on the glass, and it fell and broke, waking up my husband.
5) My husband came out and took the front of the machine apart (I didn't even realize it came apart!), he cleaned out a long piece that had gotten wrapped around the blade and blocked the holes. 
6) While I practically cried from exhaustion, he ground the last 2 kilos in 5 minutes. 5 MINUTES! While I'd spent 45!
7) Apparently, with the blockage and all that grinding, I'd succeeded in puree-ing the chicken. Instead of nice loose meatballs, the chicken glued together in balls of mush. When cooked, they came out as hard and compact as golf balls. Yuck!

My arm was killing me the next day, but at least I learned a valuable meat grinder lesson. I'll be prepared the next time. (IF there is a next time...)

Have you ever messed up cooking something and had it come out totally wrong?

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