Friday, September 4, 2015

Celebrate: Organization & Giveaways!

This week I'm celebrating:
1)  Lists!

Seems so simple, right?  A no-brainer.  But I haven't been so busy with different things since I worked in offices in New York City.  For the first time in literally about 20 years, I had to make myself a list so I wouldn't forget anything.  Did I complete all of it?  No.  But with this post, I've completed about 75%, and there's time over the weekend to finish the rest.

This was my list for this week:
1) Write reviews for 1 short story and 3 novellas. Post reviews to Smashwords, Amazon, Goodreads, and Kobo.
2) Don't forget to tweet them and tag the authors!
3) Critique 2 chapters for CPs.
4) Read 4 CP crits of my novel chapters and revise those chapters.
5) Write IWSG post on book marketing.
6) Make return visits to IWSG commenters.
7) Go to grocery story. Buy stuff. COOK IT!!!
8) Make new art for book promo.
9) Check Twitter notifications and send "Thank-yous" to re-tweeters (about 70 of them).
10) Attend webinar on book marketing and blog design.
11) Make new art to fix header on blog. (The L.X.Cain is bigger now. I've been phasing it in so as not to scare anyone. Heh-heh.)
12) Write Celebrate post. OMG! Don't forget to find Freebies!
13) Retweet all retweeters and friends and people on my "special" lists.
14) FB! Post something, you idiot! Everyone will forget you!
15) Write monthly newsletter on writing craft for Writing.Com
16) Get back to work on your WIP, you slacker!

Do you have to make yourself lists or do you remember things?

My kind and wonderful co-hosts of Celebrate the Small Things are:
L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge
Tonja Drecker @ Kidbits Blog

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Foxy's Friday Freebies!

Foxy has been nosing around the net
When she finds great FREE STUFF, she'll feature it on Friday Freebies posts -
  • Free short stories, novellas, and novels
  • Giveaways for books and swag
  • Free services for authors

Here are Foxy's suggestions for Sept 4, 2015:

5 Free Novels - The wonderful TB Markinson has done it again! She’s put together a great giveaway of 5 free novels: Foxwick and Their Neighbors by Cherie Reich, A Change of Mind & Other Stories by Nick Wilford, Avalon by Vanessa Morgan, Dangled Carat by Hilary Grossman, Confessions of a Paris Party Girl by Vicki LeSage.  For the link to the rafflecopter, go to TB Markinson’s blog. (ends Sept 30)

The Ultimate Writer’s Toolkit worth $800 – Bestselling author Jerry Jenkins is giving away a Scrivener 2 and a Kindle reader, along with five ebooks on the craft of writing from bestselling authors. Five lucky people will win these amazing packages. To enter, go to the Jerry Jenkins Contest page. Hurry and enter before the contest ends! (ends Sept 8) (Thanks to Michelle Wallace for info!)

Free Dark Fantasy/Adventure Novella – Don’t be fooled by the zombie-ish cover. The novella Flesh Golem is Epic Fantasy with a dark Superhero on a thrilling adventure. It’s being offered free by author Kev Heritage and is the prequel to his series The Cowl about a lone swordsman in a world where metal is magical, cursed, and forbidden. GET THIS FREE NOVELLA! I was amazed by the great writing. The descriptions are breathtaking—never a cliché, never a wrong word. I rated the book 5 stars! You can’t go wrong on a free book, so if you like Dark Fantasy, download it and see if I’m right about the amazing writing. For more info on the novella, visit the Kev Heritage blog.
Download links for this thrilling, beautifully written novella:

Free YA Paranormal Novel – Win an ecopy of The 52nd by Dela about a college girl and immortal guy fighting to end 500 years of secret Aztec sacrifices in the Yucatan. Enter via rafflecopter on My Book Addiction blog. (ends Sept 21)

Free $15 Amazon Gift Card – To celebrate the release of Hypton 14 (Sci-Fi Thriller) by Morgan Hadley, she's giving away a $15 Amazon card via rafflecopter on the My Book Addiction blog. (ends Sept 9)

Free $25 Amazon Gift Card and a Contemporary Romance eBook - Win Better Than Chocolate by J. Lynn Rowan and a $25 Amazon card via rafflecopter on the Romance Novels Giveaway blog. (It's "Giveaway #2" on the page) (ends Sept 10)

Free $25 Amazon Gift Card - To celebrate the release of Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Romance) by Violet Howe, she's giving away a $25 Amazon card via rafflecopter on Romance Novel Giveaways blog. (ends Sept 26)

For Foxy's other Freebies, go to the Freebie page.

If anyone has a FREE short story (for download or online at a free ezine), novella, novel, special giveaway, or author service, please let Foxy know so she can plug you here!  Write to: laura.6eg(at)

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