Friday, August 7, 2015

Celebrate: It's All Good & Giveaways!

My 3 week break from writing/revising has been very good for me.  I've totally de-stressed!  :) 

Since April, when I got new accounts for "L.X. Cain" on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, etc., I've been doing more than I can handle.  Besides writing/revising my novel, I got frenzied building new social media networks, and I worked on 3 short stories -- revising and updating them, creating covers, formatting, pubbing them, and doing lots of promos.  I got so busy I completely gave up TV and rarely went outside. (Don't even ask about my personal hygiene.) 

When all I do is hurry, hurry, hurry, I tend to lose perspective and start making mistakes.  One of the biggest was being determined to pub my novel in Oct, which meant I had to finish the first draft in July, leaving Aug and Sept for revisions, beta and CP feedback, and more revisions.

Although Oct is a great month to sell horror stories, I was forgetting all the work and planning that go into releases.  When MuseItUp released SOUL CUTTER in Dec 2013, I started going after book bloggers and reviewers in September.  It takes them that long to put your book in their queue and then review it.

This week I'm celebrating coming to my senses!

I want to put out a great book, not a fast book.  And that will take as long as it takes until I'm satisfied it's the very best I can do.

Do you work better under pressure -- or do you end up getting over-anxious and forgetting things?

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L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge
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Foxy's Friday Freebies!

Foxy has been nosing around the net
When she finds great FREE STUFF, she'll feature it on Fridays Freebies posts -
  • Free short stories, novellas, and novels
  • Giveaways for books and swag
  • Free services for authors

Here are Foxy's suggestions for Aug 7, 2015:

Free $5 Amazon Gift Card and 5 Free Books – The fabulous TB Markinson has done it again!  She’s bringing you a new selection of awesome books to win in the month of August!  In addition to a $5 Amazon card, a lucky winner will receive In Name Only by Carol Kilgore, Dead Witness by Joylene Nowell Butler, Magno Girl by Joe Canzano, Reborn by Cherie Reich, and Necromancer by Graeme Ing.  Enter the rafflecopter link on TB Markinson’s blog. (ends Aug 31)

Free Crime/Mystery eBook – Get Girl of Great Price by Milo James Fowler FREE on all vendors. For links to vendors, go to Milo James Fowler blog.

Free GLBT Thriller Novel – Win a print copy of Ashen Rayne ~ Shadowlands Book I by Skye Knizley via rafflecopter on the Juniper Grove Book Solutions blog. (available to US residents only; ends Aug 16)
Free $10 Amazon Gift Card, Choice of Clean Teen eBook, Swag bookmarks – To celebrate the release of The Forlorned (Horror, soon to be a motion picture) by Angela Townsend, she’s giving away a $10 Amazon card, your choice of any ebook published by Clean Teen, and a swag pack of bookmarks via rafflecopter on Juniper Grove Book Solutions blog. (ends Aug 16)

Free $10 Amazon Gift Card, Paranormal Novel, Swag Pendant – Win The Soul Stone by Jamie Marchant plus a $10 Amazon card and swag (the pendant on the cover) via rafflecopter on the Juniper Grove Book Solutions blog. (ends Aug 23)

Free $50 Amazon Gift Card – to celebrate the release of Welcome to Fat Chance Texas (RomCom/Women’s fiction) by Celia Bonaduce, she’s giving away a $50 Amazon card via rafflecopter on the Juniper Grove Book Solutions blog. (ends Aug 23)

For Foxy's other Freebies, go to the Freebie page.

If anyone has a FREE short story (for download or online at a free ezine), novella, novel, special giveaway, or author service, please let Foxy know so she can plug you here!  Write to: laura.6eg(at)

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