Friday, January 9, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things

Two years ago, Vikki at VikLit Blog started a weekly hop called Celebrate the Small Things.  It's a delightful and easy hop, the participants are wonderful, and I've loved being part of it.  Now, after doing a great job for so long, she's stepping aside -- and I'll be your new blog-hop host!  Yippie!

How it works:

1) Sign up on the linky list below. (Put in your name or your blog name, and your email, and your blog's address, and hit "Submit.") EDIT - Because of spam links, the linky is closed. Please write and request your blog to be added to the hop at: laura.6eg(at) 
2) Each Friday, post in your blog something you wish to celebrate achieving / doing that week.
It can be writing related: I finished a tricky chapter! I worked on my outline!
It can be reading related: I read two books!
It can be life related: I tidied my sock drawer! My child finally ate something green! I cleaned the shed!
Sometimes the week's been so tough you can just celebrate surviving it.  This week I was sick as a dog, but I'm still alive and hope to recover soon.
Feel free to include your celebration item within a post covering other topics.

2A) Use the badge, and link to this blog page --  And you can grab the linky html and use it on your post.
3) Hop around other blogs and offer congratulations/a pat on the back to other people. If everyone visits at least a few other blogs, we'll all have some congratulations.
4) Feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Two kind and wonderful co-hosts are helping:
L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge
Katie @ TheCyborgMom

Celebrate The Small Things Linky:

Grab the Linky html-code here:

When someone comments on my blog, I always go to theirs to return a comment.  But I've been having trouble recently.  When I hit publish on some blogs, my comment doesn't appear.  Even if I try to comment using another browzer (I have 4), I can't get anything to appear.  I think I'm accidentally tripping the SPAM guard. 

So please check your SPAM folder because I may be in there!  HELP get me out of SPAM!!

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