Friday, May 16, 2014

Celebrate & Revision Blues

Well ... the happy reunion between me and my WIP is on the rocks.  CP feedback on the first four chapters has been pretty good ... Except ... they like the "bad" sister, find her entertaining, and enjoy her voice -- despite the fact she has zero morals!  However, the "good" sister -- you know, the heroine -- got an ambivalent, we're-not-connecting-to-her response.  Naturally, the polite response has been translated by my exaggeration-prone brain as:
"We hate her."
"She sucks."
"My grocery list is more exciting."
"Is that who we're supposed to root for?"  *snort*
"Dull as dishwater and twice as smelly."

So I'm now shopping for a new heroine.  Anyone got an extra one lying around???  And I'm reminding myself of this great quote:


This week I'm celebrating:

My friend Kim Graff is giving
In addition to being one of my CPs, Kim is a great writer, free-lance editor, 
designs covers and swag,
and is an intern at PS Literary Agency.
Just click for info on where to send your query for your
 It doesn't get better than that!

Do you think writing a "bad" person is easier than writing a "good" one?

This post is part of VikLit's blog hop, Celebrate the Small Things. To be part of this blog hop, all you have to do is follow the link and put your name on the Mr.Linky list, and then be sure to post every Friday about something you're grateful  for that week.  It can be about writing or family or school or general life.  This is the funnest and easiest blog hop ever! 

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