Wednesday, January 8, 2014

IWSG: Keep Staring

If I stare at my Inbox long enough...
An agent's offer will appear.
My submission will be accepted.
My CPs will send me the critique.

Sure.  Just keep staring.

We all know what the answer to this is --> "Write something new."

But it's hard to concentrate when you have that burning itch to Go Look.  So you distract yourself by... Going to Facebook!

And everyone's like:  "I just wrote 15k in one day!!"  "I just released a novel!!"  "My editor bought my next three books!!"  "My book hit #9 bestseller on Amazon's Victorian Suspense> Twin Heroines> With Bouffant Hair> And Purple Eyes  list!!" 

Oh, look.  Everyone's doing great except for you.  Time to binge on the ice cream, crawl into bed, and pull the covers over your head.  

But there's something worse than no good news.

There's nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  Because you never asked for a critique.  Because you never sent the query/submission.  Because you got discouraged.  Got busy.  Got fed up.  And stopped trying.

I recently lost a member of my CP group.  A really talented writer.  Because this person couldn't continue to take the sting of rejection while others in the group were getting offers and pubbing.  It makes me SO SAD... But maybe it's a phase and this CP will find their way back to the group.  I really hope so.  But I know one thing for sure -- this person will never get an agent or get pubbed if they just quit.

There's only one sure way to succeed --> "Keep Trying."

Have you known anyone who quit writing?  Did they ever return to it?

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