Monday, July 16, 2012

Salt Hog

"Lower Your Salt Intake" the health reports scream. It's bad for you. You'll retain water. You'll expand to Goodyear-blimp proportions! You'll die!

So over the years, I weaned myself off salt. Whew! Close one. 

Then I moved to Egypt. The first summer I sweat so much I got dizzy and fainted (like a lot of other tourists every year). People told me to take vitamins. I did, but soon passed out again. Doctors gave me potassium pills. As indescribable things were shooting out of both ends, I found out I was allergic to potassium. Then I got anemia. Finally doctors gave me little packets that they give to millions of nursing mothers here. You mix it with water and drink it. All that's in it is: glucose, tri-sodium citrate, and sodium chloride -- basically sugar and salt. In two days, I was fine.Yay salt!
Since then, I've become a total salt hog. I'd forgotten what I was missing until I could rain the little white crystals over everything. But I haven't fainted again or gotten anemia. Still, I'm ashamed to tell you how often my husband and I buy cartons of salt ... a lot ... I think I should get one of these big machines and just pour it into a spare bedroom.

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