Short Stories

Horror Short Stories published by L.X. Cain:

The Mission by L.X. Cain

Something is waiting for Cody and Luke at the Mission. And it doesn’t want them to leave. Ever.

As in Stephen King’s It and Dan Simmons’s Summer of Night, curiosity is what lures kids down a dark path and pits them against their town’s most deadly secret.

The Mission sits in the desert like a crumbling tomb, silent and cold … but not empty. It plays host to a rising evil, one that wants victims. And it’s used to getting what it wants.

Cody and Luke are looking for adventure and thrills when they ride out to visit the place on a dare. Before the night is over, they’ll learn how far their friendship can stretch, and if they’re strong enough to survive the terrifying danger that waits for them. 
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Biggun by L.X. Cain

A horde of zombies. A desperate woman. Her only ally --- Biggun.

A desperate woman hides in a fortified farmhouse. Outside, her former neighbors and friends prowl the night. Dead. And hungry. Her only ally in the coming battle — Biggun. If there’s blasting to be done, Biggun is ready for it.

Perfect for fans of "The Walking Dead."

WARNING: The story contains graphic violence, gore, and dark twists. If you are a sensitive reader, you might not want to read it.

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The Inter-Galactic Gourmet by L.X. Cain

Cynthia only wants a snack after work, but aliens are infiltrating Earth. Can't she just eat in peace?

Cynthia just wants to go home and have dinner after a hard day’s work—accounting for her Earth employer and adjusting quasar links for her secret off-world employer. But others are eyeing the planet, and they have plans of their own. Cynthia may not get dinner after all.

A Horror/Sci-Fi/Black Comedy mashup. Make sure your seatbelts are tightly fastened! 
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