Friday, February 27, 2015

Celebrate, The Great Time Lock Disaster & Freebies

This week I'm celebrating:
1) My husband cleaned the bathroom.
2) My husband cleaned the bathroom.
3) My husband. Cleaned. The bathroom!

(I have to celebrate now 'coz goodness knows if it will ever happen again...)

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The Great Time Lock Disaster

There's nothing’s more dangerous than a wizard-in-training. And Pete Riley, has just proven it. He's worked a bad time spell--a very bad time spell.

No YouTube, no smoothies, no Manga. Not ever again. Not unless Pete figures out how to reverse his spell and free Weasel and him from Victorian England. 

He has until the next full moon. Only a few days.

Tick. Tock.

Here’s how the story starts, and it only gets worse:

One minute the clock was tick-tocking on the mantel and the next it was a smoldering mess.

“No,” Harriet shouted. Then she braced one hand on her desk and covered her eyes with the other.

Pete froze, not blinking, not breathing, but waiting to see if Harriet would point one of her long, bony fingers at him and turn him into a turnip or something slimy.


To celebrate the launch of The Great Time Lock Disaster I'm giving 20 eBooks away. Hope you'll jump in to the copter and go for a ride!

Usually, C. Lee takes on modern issues that today's teens face in their daily lives. Her first young adult novel, Sliding on the Edge, which dealt with cutting and suicide was published in 2009. Her second, titled The Princess of Las Pulgas, dealing with a family who loses everything and must rebuild their lives came out in 2010. Double Negative (2014) was her third young adult novel. Researching it turned her into a literacy advocate. Her fourth YA, Sudden Secrets came out in December 2014. 

When she really want to have FUN, she writes middle grade books. Alligators Overhead and The Great Time Lock Disaster are now available.

Foxy's Friday Freebies!

Foxy has been nosing around the net
When she finds great FREE STUFF, she'll feature it on Fridays Freebies posts -
  • Free short stories, novellas, and novels
  • Giveaways for books and swag
  • Free services for authors

Here are Foxy's suggestions for Feb 27, 2015:

Free Urban Fantasy Novella - Give Me Your Teeth by Jeff Chapman will be FREE TODAY ONLY! I’ve read it, and it’s a great, exciting, and fun novella! This isn't your mother's Tooth Fairy. This one has teeth, lots of them, and she's not afraid to use them to defend the innocent. Get your free copy now on Amazon!

My review:
Ten year old Jimmy just lost another tooth, and that’s not all he loses that night. He loses the illusion that the Tooth Fairy is tiny, cute, and sweet. But did he really see what he thinks or did he imagine it?

Jeff Chapman does an excellent job making Jimmy realistic with the typical problems of a kid, like being laughed at when he admits he saw the tooth fairy. He has worse problems, too, in the shape of two older boys who are bullying him. Chapman weaves the disparate threads of the story together to create a tapestry of creepiness that will stay with you long after you finish the short story. I loved his main character and how he gave an old fairy tale a new twist. (I never trusted fairies anyway!) This is a scary-but-not-too-scary story with a great ending. I loved it!

Free Urban Fantasy eBook – Win 1 of 5 copies of The Curse Merchant by J.P. Sloan on Mythical Books blog. (ends Mar 3)

Free Fantasy and Paranormal Novels – Win one of a big selection of Fantasy and Paranormal books on Mythical Books blog. (ends Mar 13)

$50 Amazon or Barnes&Noble Gift Card – Win a $50 gift card for either Amazon or Barnes&Noble to celebrate the release of Heart-Shaped Stone by Arby Corry on the Romance Novel Giveaways blog. (ends Mar 12)

For Foxy's other Freebies, go to the Freebie page.

If anyone has a FREE short story (for download or online at a free ezine), novella, novel, special giveaway, or author service, please let Foxy know so she can plug you here!  Write to: laura.6eg(at)


Andrew Leon said...

I did that once, that bathroom thing. Then there was an earthquake and a tsunami and all kinds of messes in Japan...
I haven't even gone back in a bathroom since then.

T.F. Walsh said...

LOL... awesome reason to celebrate. My husband does the bathroom too... I tell him I can't do it because the chemical affect my asthma:)

Dixie@dcrelief said...

You know Lexa, you just topped the "laughing minions." I figured it would take a while to accomplish that particular feat. You, like the husband it would seem, are full of surprises. I have stumbled upon the greatest blog-hop ever... Well, I knew that before the minions, but this...

Oh - does he have a brother?(smile)

Suzanne Furness said...

Hehe, yes I can see why you want to celebrate! I think Lee's book sounds great, will have to get myself a copy.

Unknown said...

Husband cleaning a bathroom? Oh yes, celebrate!

Cathy Kennedy said...

I'm a first participator, but I don't have post up. I did place your button on my Blog Hop Page, though. :D I celebrate DH clearing the driveway yesterday after getting 6" of snow on Wednesday night. I celebrate that the temperatures got to 40° yesterday, which made DH's job a bit easier. I especially celebrate that it's FRIDAY!!! Let the weekend begin! ;)

Cathrina Constantine said...

Hahaaaa...thanks for the morning chuckle. I needed that!!!

Laura Clipson said...

That is definitely something to celebrate! I love it when my partner helps to clean the house, though it doesn't happen very often!

Michelle Wallace said...

Enjoy the clean bathroom that you didn't have to clean!!
Have a great weekend!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations, Lee!
Do you really want us to clean the bathroom? We can't do it to your standards anyway.

Tonja Drecker said...

Wow. How did you manage to get him to do that??? I think I'd go in there and sit for a bit and just stare at the clean and feel good about life :)
Congratulations, Lee! I can't wait to read it.

messymimi said...

Hooray for your husband! Maybe my Sweetie will catch it and caulk the bathroom with the caulk he bought over a month ago.

Time disaster stories always fascinate me, mostly because i can think of a few things i'd love to change if i could go back.

Shah Wharton said...

Yey! Go hubby! Mine is generally good with housey stuff, but bathrooms and kitchens he tends to ignore. My pet hate is leaving damp towels on the bed - GRRR!

Some brill FREEBIEs and giveaways again. Congrats to Lee! Looks great.

Have a great weekend :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

LOL! I think my husband has only cleaned the bathroom once or twice. He's better at dusting and vacuuming though.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

What a nice husband you have.
Congratulations to C. Lee. The book is on my TBR list.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

My husband's bathroom is always clean. However, I have seldom seen him clean it. My feeling is that it is done by fairies in the middle of the night. I wish they would come and clean mine.

Unknown said...

ha! that is a huge deal, enjoy the clean bathroom while it lasts! :) and huge congrats to C.Lee , so happy to see her around the blog-o-sphere :)

Luanne G. Smith said...

YOUR HUSBAND CLEANED THE BATHROOM.!! ARRRRGHHHHHH! Heh. Funny how it's the little things in life that make us so happy. :)

And congrats to C. Lee.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Wow! That's amazing and definitely worth a record or a medal! Go, husband unit! :)

And, go C.Lee! - love those opening lines!

I'm so glad you highlighted Jeff's book - Give Me Your Teeth is delightful fun!

Peaches D. Ledwidge said...

some more encouragement for him and he'll probably do it again,

LD Masterson said...

Go Hubby!

On another blog that mentioned The Great Time Lock Disaster, all the comments focused on the "turn him into a turnip" line. I'm not sure why. But obviously the grand happening of your husband cleaning the bathroom trumps anyone being turned into a turnip.

Birgit said...

LOL-my hubby will clean the bathroom but what I am happy about is that he always puts the toilet seat down! Congrats lee on the book

Kate Larkindale said...

Well that is definitely something to celebrate! You think he'd come over here and show my partner what to do?

L.G. Keltner said...

If my husband cleaned, I'd probably drop dead of shock. That's definitely something worth celebrating!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great laugh, Lexa! I needed it.

DMS said...

Yeah! Awesome that your husband cleaned the bathroom. Definitely something to be excited about. Heck- I would be happy if anyone else cleaned my bathroom besides me. :)

So excited for Lee's book!

Happy weekend-

mshatch said...

That's awesome your husband cleaned the bathroom :)

Kelley said...

Does your husband give lessons?
I don't even know what to say to that, except wow!

JeffO said...

Based on your reaction, I'd say your husband cleaning the bathroom is no small thing.

Unknown said...

Woo hoo! Hooray for clean bathrooms! And congrats to C. Lee :)

Cathy Keaton said...

I can relate to this, only that it would be miraculous if the one cleaning the bathroom were me. :)

Lara Schiffbauer said...

I keep putting off cleaning the bathroom in hopes my husband will clean it. I really need to give up that dream, because now it REALLY needs cleaned. :P

Have a great weekend!

Sharon Himsl said...

What I want to know is why do they need us to tell them when it's dirty? Lately mine's taken on the kitchen. I cook, and he cleans..Love it! Kudos to Lee and her 4th book :)

Anonymous said...

I loved Lee's book.

Yay for clean bathrooms and having a husband who cleaned it.

klahanie said...

Hi Lexa,

Always a delight to see a mention of the amazing yet humble, C.Lee. You realise I'm her starstruckest fan!

I'm celebrating escaping the bathroom. Spent more time in there recently than I care to mention. I must um, runs now....

Gary :)

Melancholy and Menace said...

Ha ha! Congratulations on getting your husband to clean the bathroom!

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend :)

Jeff Chapman said...

Thanks for including Give Me Your Teeth in Foxy Freebies. The Time Lock Disaster sounds intriguing.

Catherine Stine said...

OMG, what a funny post about the hubs cleaning the bathroom. And so true-cause for celebration.

cleemckenzie said...

Now see, you should have pictures of that clean bathroom. That way you'll remember just how much you love him in a few weeks. :-)

Thanks for posting about The Great Time Lock Disaster. Love that the boys are visiting Egypt. Hey, that could be their next adventure.

Annie Neugebauer said...

Oh goodness, haha. Guess he's not big about helping out around the house? Well at least you have this one time to cherish. ;)

Unknown said...

My boyfriend NEVER cleans the bathroom. Sometimes, I wonder what he did before I moved in. Probably still never cleaned the bathroom!
Congrats to Lee for her new release! I know it will be a fantastic. I read Sudden Secrets last month and loved it!

TBM said...

Wow my partner cleaned the bathroom as well this weekend. She does it more often (five times a year) but it still is a cause for celebration.

Lee's book sounds awesome!

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Dang, I hope your husband recovers from his nasty flu. Because obviously he has a bad one. LOL. Oops, you're probably hoping he doesn't heal too quickly. said...

How did you get him to do that? Write it down. Wives everywhere will want to know. ;)

Congrats to C. Lee!

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