Friday, July 25, 2014

Celebrate, Double Negative, Potluck Blogfest & Freebies

Okay, forget that whole Zen, existential, Bonsai tree thing I've been talking about for two weeks.  My WIP doesn't respond to tweaking and delicate pruning.  I had to whomp on Ch 7 and beat it into submission.  
My new motto is: 
"Fists of Revision Fury!" 
* Cue music - "Everybody was King Fu Fighting" *

This week I'm celebrating:
1)  I finished revising Ch 7 and am starting Ch 8.  Fists, don't fail me now!
2)  My awesome CP, T.F. Walsh, put her novel Cloaked in Fur on sale last week at 99-cents and it sold a lot!  Yay, Tania!
3)  My friend, the fabulous C. Lee McKenzie, is releasing a book today -- Double Negative -- read on for more info!

Does anyone ever feel they have to go ten rounds with their writing before they win?

Hutchison Mc Queen is a sixteen-year-old smart kid who screws up regularly. He’s a member of Larkston High’s loser clique, the boy who’s on his way to nowhere—unless juvenile hall counts as a destination. He squeaks through classes with his talent for eavesdropping and memorizing what he hears. When that doesn’t work, he goes to Fat Nyla, the one some mean girls are out to get and a person who’s in on his secret—he can barely read. And then Maggie happens. For twenty-five years she’s saved boys from their own bad choices. But she may not have time to save Hutch. Alzheimer’s disease is steadily stealing her keen mind.
BUY LINK:   Evernight Teen

Find C. Lee McKenzie:

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International Potluck Blogfest

Beth Fred, Medeia Sharif and I are hosting the International Potluck Blogfest. Here are the rules:
~ Put the bloghop badge on your post.

~ Post the cover of a book you love (it can be your own) with a food and/or recipe from the book, a food from the MC's region, or a food you just like!
~ Link back to Beth, Media, and Lexa. All three of us.
~ A copy of Beth's Finding Hope, Medeia's Snip, Snip, Revenge, and Lexa's Soul Cutter, plus a $10 Amazon gift card will be given away via Rafflecopter!

I look forward to your foody posts. Sign up below. (If you have trouble with the Linky, Beth has one on her blog.)

Foxy's Friday Freebies!

Foxy has been nosing around the net
When she finds great FREE STUFF, she'll feature it on Fridays Freebies posts -
  • Free short stories, novellas, and novels
  • Giveaways for books and swag
  • Free services for authors

Here are Foxy's suggestions for July 25, 2014:

Free Query Critiques from Matthew MacNish. He writes full, detailed and helpful crits that appear on his blog. Contact him at: mattmrush(at)
Free Short Story “Shadow of the Scythe” by Christopher Mannino, a prequel to his School of Deaths series from MuseItUp Publishing. Download it HERE

Free Novella “Worth the Effort - Ella's Story” a romance from Kai Strand  This will be free only from July 29 – 31 on AMAZON.


For Foxy's other Freebies, go to the Freebie page.

If anyone has a FREE short story (for download or online at a free ezine), novella, novel, special giveaway, or author service, please let Foxy know so she can plug you here!  Write to: laura.6eg(at)

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'll join you in that revision fury!
Congratulations, Lee.
Still contemplating the blogfest.

cleemckenzie said...

Hey, thanks for hosting me today in Egypt. Weather here is perfect and I'm taking some time to visit Cheops. The camel's due any minute. You can tell how well-informed I have about Egypt. :-)

I finally hopped on the hop. It will take me a while to put it on my blog, but I will. I happen to love food paired with good stories.

stephen Hayes said...

So many great books and ideas here. Double Negative sounds extremely interesting.Have a great weekend.

SK Anthony said...

Hmm, I think I'm past my tenth round and I'm still losing lol

I'm taking on your "fists of Revision Fury!" I like it!

Congrats to Lee!!!! :D

DMS said...

I can understand what you mean about fists of fury! Glad you got chapter 7 done. Best of luck with 8!

So excited for Lee! Awesome to see her here today. Fabulous news about T.F. Walsh selling so many books. :)

Kate Larkindale said...

My revision fury is more like picking apart the seams on a piece of clothing then trying to put a skirt back together as a pair of pants. Or something like that...

Double Negative sounds like it's right up my alley! I must get it.

Tonja Drecker said...

Love the idea of revision fists. Revisions can feel that way. Hope yours keep up for you :)
The blog hop sounds really neat. Have to see if I can get it in.

L.G. Keltner said...

Good luck with your ongoing revisions! I feel like I have to go ten rounds with my writing sometimes, but as long as I don't give up, it'll be okay.

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Lexa,

My last revision was a KNOCK OUT?DRAG OUT FIGHT!!!!

Took me three months to rewrite the whole basted thing. But I WON!!!!!! LOL.


What a FUN BLOGHOP... Looking forward to it LEXA!

MunirGhiasuddin said...

Thank you for the review. I will read this post all over again to absorb every thing. Too much excitement.

JeffO said...

Matt offers great critiques.

"Fists of Revision Fury"--I like it. But if I get 'Kung Fu Fighting' stuck in my head, it's YOUR fault!

messymimi said...

It's not unusual, from what i gather, to have to whomp the daylights out of some stories to get them to tell themselves straight. Just don't ever give up!

Luanne G. Smith said...

I definitely felt beat up after I finished my last round of revisions. Took a lot out of me. Finally sent the whole ms off to my critique partner this week. Fingers crossed the notes I get back won't be terrible.

Congrats on kicking your ms's butt into shape. :)

Leandra Wallace said...

I hear you on the ten rounds! Last couple of days I've rewritten the same scene three different ways. But I think I finally pinned the bugger down. *bam*

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

That's the way to shape up those chapters. On to the eighth.

Lee's novel is wonderful. Everyone should read it.

The hop sounds like fun.

Lori L. MacLaughlin said...

The fists of revision fury made me laugh. Good luck with Chapter 8! Congrats to T.F. Walsh and C. Lee! Have a great weekend!

Lara Schiffbauer said...

Yay for fists of revision fury! Whatever it takes, right? :) Chapter eight better be scared, because you da (wo)man!

shelly said...

More like 30 rounds.

Birgit said...

I have a feeling that some do double or triple if not more when it was perfect the first time 9or second). The books sounds so healing and a real beautiful human story that so often happens. Youths with learning disabilities go unnoticed and so do the elderly when they start developing forms of dementia. This book sounds like an inspiration

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

If I wrote one page a day I'd have 2 and a half novels done. Okay, not a good way to shake my fists. Good luck with chapter 8. I'm on chapter 49 at almost 94K. Close to the finish line. said...

Beatings are good. Your chapters don't stand a chance, or they do (not sure which is better:)

I may join the bloghop. Gotta think of a recipe. Cooking makes my brain hurt. ;)

Unknown said...

Good luck with Chapter 8, Lexa, and congratulations on the beat down with Chapter 7!
I'm excited for C. Lee's new book, Double Negative. It sounds like a really good book. Even if I don't win, I might have to add this to my TBR list for the autumn/winter months.

Tara Tyler said...

yay for revision boxing!
yay for Lee!
and that looks like a yummy fest!
lots happening here today.

and wanted to say thanks for supporting my bbf blog tour!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

LOL -- who needs Zen when you can go for Kung Fu Fighting! Way to go, knocking that chapter into submission!

I might need to take out the boxing gloves on my current WIP. It's giving me a lot of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Happy writing and congrats to Lee. I have her book.

Thanks for the freebie links.

Cathrina Constantine said...

I always seems to be punching my words into shape, keep it up! Congrats to Lee.

klahanie said...

Oops and sorry for my late arrival.

I had no idea you worked for a couple of TV stations, Lexa. You finished revising Channel 7 and now start on Channel 8. Ignore my silliness and well done, my kind friend.

I never worry about writing. It's not a boxing ring situation with me. It's more like, what the heck and see what happens! :)

To top it off, I note the adorable Lee is featured. Congrats to her and here's to even more fame.

Skilfully avoiding a mention of a blogfest, I'm heading on out.....

Gary :)

Loni Townsend said...

I relate to the revision fury. Sometimes the story gets battered and bruised, but usually comes out stronger!

Oh, and I did queue up the song so I could listen to it while reading your blog post. :)

Mark Murata said...

A professsor asked us what was the real, Egyptian name of Cheops. None of us knew it was Khufu.

Carol Kilgore said...

Congrats on your revisions! I'm seeing Lee's book everywhere - and really looking forward to reading it.

T.F. Walsh said...

Love this song... Kung Fu Fighting... I'm sure I have it somewhere on my iTunes... now you make me want to go find it...hehe Oh, I lose track of how many times I revise each chp...hehe Maybe it's better I don't know. Thanks for the plug:)

Rhonda Albom said...

Wow, lots going on an I want to adopt your "Fists of Revision Fury!" My first revision is more red than the original black. My celebration is a bit late, but I finally migrated my blog to its new home.

Catherine Stine said...

Ten rounds of revision--try about twenty! I go through MANY rounds. It's the only way to get it flawless.

Unknown said...

Looks like your writing is going along. I hope you have much success with chapter 8.

Crystal Collier said...

Yay for whomping! I hear you there. I'm stoked about Lee's release, and whew! So many free or discounted books...what's a girl to do?

Melissa said...

Heck, yes. Writing sometimes leaves me feeling beaten... and processing critiques always does. LOL

Congrats, Lee. :)

Jo said...

Interesting blog hop but I don't think I will be taking part. Had enough blog hops for a while.

Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations to Lee. Some very interesting blog hops and Foxy's Friday Freebies is a great idea.

Unknown said...

Lee's book IS very exciting... I want to think tonight about the hop ... I will definitely do it... I just have to get organized... also thanks to your freebie friday I am being featured for a critique on Aug. 4 on First Impressions! Im scared and hope I dont get ripped apart but they seem too nice for that!THANKS!!!

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